The Average Employee Saving for Retirement in a 401(k) is Paying Out $ 155,000 in 401(k) Fees Deducted Directly from His or Her Personal 401(k).

These 401(k) Fees are Deducted by Most 401(k) Plan Providers and Registered Investment Advisors, and Results in a Massive 30% Loss to the Employee During His or Her Working Years.

30% of Employees’ Combined 401(k) Retirement Contributions Plus Investment Earnings Are Going into the Pockets of 401(k) Plan Providers and Registered Investment Advisors Operating as 401(k) Providers to Small Businesses.

Most 401(k) savers are unaware they are paying unnecessary marketing fees and advisors commissions, extracted from their 401(k) accounts. It's a national scandal --- and reduces the typical 401(k) value by nearly $155,000!

--- Quote from AARP Report
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Today the typical American household saving for retirement in a 401(k) will pay nearly $155,000 in un-necessary, excessive, mostly hidden 401(k) fees and commissions to brokers, agents and administrators.
--- Quote from Demos Report.
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