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Advisors Earn Substantial Referral Fees--Effortlessly!


Do you know a small business looking for a new or replacement 401k? Our new referral program rebates 20% to your referral, and pays a 20% referral fee to you!

Simply make a referral to 401k Easy using the form below. If your referral signs with us, they will earn a 30% rebate from the first year’s annual fee, and we will also pay you the exact amount of the rebate as a referral fee.

For example, if you refer a small business to us that buys a 401k plan with an annual cost of $1495, the business gets a 20% rebate of $299, and you earn a $299 referral fee. The larger the company you refer to us, the larger your referral fee will be.

If you have a referral to recommend to us, please provide email contact information below, or have ask your referral to submit an online 401k Easy order form from this website.

All our communications with your referral will be logged and tracked, and you will be kept informed of their progress from referral to actual 401k Easy client.

Advisor Referral Contact Form

Advisor Referral Form
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