401k Plan Price Fact

FACT: 401k Fees = a 40% Loss to Your 401k Savings

Nationally, the average employee's 401k is worth $500,000 at retirement. According to non-profit AARP, if you saved $500,000 in your 401k, and the 401k provider skimmed a 1% fee each year from your 401k, you will end up with only $360,000---and suffer a 40% loss! Low cost 401k Easy NEVER skims or deducts fees from 401k participants' accounts.

401k Plan Price Fact

FACT: 401k Easy Has NEVER Skimmed 401k Fees

Unlike most other 401k providers, low cost, no fee 401k Easy never skims fees or commissions from employees′ 401k accounts. 401k participants keep 100% of all they earned and saved in their 401k. If your small business uses no fee 401k Easy, we guarantee no 401k fees will end up lining the pockets of 401k providers or their "financial advisor" partners.

401k Plan Price Proof

FACT: 401k Advisors and 401k Providers Skim and Pocket 401k Fees

Need proof? Search the web for "small 401k plans" and note how many 401k providers are also registered financial advisors. These 401k financial advisors and 401k providers cause severe, permanent damage to workers' 401k savings by deceptively skimming 401k fees and commissions, year after year. Non-profit AARP comfirms it.