401(k) Easy prides itself on making everything easy to understand and use for our small business plan sponsors and their employees. In keeping with our 30-year tradition of keeping things easy, simple, and straightforward, our Professional Referral Program is easy to join and rely upon for business professionals, including financial advisors, CPAs, accountants, payroll providers, and others with small business clients.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and have a sterling track record for providing complete, self-directed 401(k) plans affiliated with Charles Schwab Brokerage at rock-bottom prices. And best of all, 401k Easy has an iron-clad guarantee to never charge or skim 401(k) fees or AUM fees from its clients' retirement savings assets. We have been a US Better Business Bureau member for 20+ years with a consistent A+ rating. As a business professional, you can feel comfortable and confident when recommending 401k Easy to your clients.

The terms of our Professional Referral Program are simple and straightforward; Suppose you refer a small business to us, and they signup for 401k Easy or a related 401(k) service such as a customized IRS-approved prototype plan or preparation and filing of their annual Form 5500-SF. In that case, we will pay you 10% of what they pay us. Your referral payment is based solely on how much we collect from your referral. And you will continue to receive 10% when your client renews its services with us.

If you want to try the Professional Referral Program, please notify us by sending your name and email address, and have your client contact us and disclose that you are referring them to us. If they purchase 401k Easy, you will collect the 10%. The referral payment is yours to keep or rebate back to your small business client at your discretion. You may be interested to learn that 50% of our referrals come from small businesses looking to replace their current 401(k) with a better, less expensive alternative.

For more information or to formally signup for the Professional Referral Program, please call us at (800) 660-0050 or send an email to fvaguchay@401k-network.com