401(k) Plan Price Fact

FACT: 401(k) Fees = a 40% Loss to Your 401(k) Savings

Nationally, the average employee's 401(k) is worth $500,000 at retirement. According to non-profit AARP, if you saved $500,000 in your 401(k), and the 401(k) provider skimmed a 1% fee each year from your 401(k), you will end up with only $360,000---and suffer a 40% loss! Low cost 401(k) Easy NEVER skims or deducts fees from 401(k) participants' accounts.

401(k) Plan Price Fact

FACT: 401(k) Easy Has NEVER Skimmed 401(k) Fees

Unlike most other 401(k) providers, low cost, no fee 401(k) Easy never skims fees or commissions from employees′ 401(k) accounts. 401(k) participants keep 100% of all they earned and saved in their 401(k). If your small business uses no fee 401(k) Easy, we guarantee no 401(k) fees will end up lining the pockets of 401(k) providers or their "financial advisor" partners.

401(k) Plan Price Proof

FACT: 401(k) Advisors and 401(k) Providers Skim and Pocket 401(k) Fees

Need proof? Search the web for "small 401(k) plans" and note how many 401(k) providers are also registered financial advisors. These 401(k) financial advisors and 401(k) providers cause severe, permanent damage to workers' 401(k) savings by deceptively skimming 401(k) fees and commissions, year after year.

Need proof? Consider what respected non-profit organizations AARP and Demos say about the serious harm 401(k) fees does to your 401(k) retirement savings !

Most 401(k) savers are unaware they are paying unnecessary marketing fees and advisors commissions, extracted from their 401(k) accounts. It's a national scandal --- and reduces the typical 401(k) value by nearly $155,000!

--- Quote from AARP Report

AARP Brochure
Today the typical American household saving for retirement in a 401(k) will pay nearly $155,000 in un-necessary, excessive, mostly hidden 401(k) fees and commissions to brokers, agents and administrators.

--- Quote from Demos Report.

Demos Brochure
Employers and fiduciaries of 401(k) plans of all sizes, including small plans, are being sued for paying excessive 401(k) fees to outside 401(k) advisors. If you are an owner of a small business that sponsors a 401(k), you could be next.

--- Quote from Chubb Report.

401(k) Fee Lawsuits

Our iron-clad promise: No hidden 401(k) fees & no 401(k) asset-based fees & no 401(k) commissions, ever!

Most 40k advisors and their plan administrator partners are continuously deducting and skimming fees from workers' 401(k)s. These constant, quarterly "pick-pocketing" costs the average worker $150,000 in lost 401(k) fees over a lifetime career.

401(k) Easy is an exception to the norm in that we do not earn any compensation, either directly or indirectly, from our clients' 401(k) plan assets. If rebates are offered, we have the rebates returned to the client. Our published prices, available online for all to see, are the only compensation we collect.