No Fees 401k VS 401k Easy

No Fees 401k is a perfect “starter” 401k for small business, at a rock-bottom price. It includes all essential features a small business 401k needs, including IRS-approved prototype documents customized to your company’s needs, online 401k compliance testing at the click of a mouse, and individual self-directed Charles Schwab 401k brokerage accounts for all your employees. The No Fees 401k Schwab self-directed accounts are free. They offer thousands of no-cost, no-load mutual funds, including Fidelity Funds and Vanguard Fund. The self-directed 401k accounts also include commission-free stock and bond trading, and our iron-clad guarantee of NO 401k fees, EVER. 401k fees will never be skimmed from your employees' 401k retirement savings, jeopardizing their retirement security.

401k Easy is our more robust 401k offering. 401k Easy includes all the features of the No Fees 401k, and more, at a slightly higher price. Additional 401k Easy features include 401k loans, employer profit-sharing options, the ‘safe-harbor’ 401k option, IRS Form 5500-SF preparation and filing, the Roth 401k option, in-service distributions, and an expanded lineup of management and accounting reports.