Three different 401k plan configurations, designed to fit the needs of different small employers:

401k Easy Value
401k Easy Plus
One-time only set-up $495/one-time $545/one-time $595/one-time
Base Monthly Price $50 Per Month $75 Per Month $100 Per Month
Eligible Employee Price $4 Per Month $4 Per Month $4 Per Month
  Please Note: 401k Easy is sold on a Calendar Year basis only. All first-year clients are charged the one-time only plan set-up fee. The pricing above applies to the first year of service only. Renewal fees may be adjusted because no set-up fee is charged in subsequent years. Payroll integration adds an additional 10% to annual price.
Key Features
IRS-Approved 401k Prototype and Summary Plan Description Customized to the Client's Requirements tick tick tick
Live Online Plan Set-Up and Training for 401k Plan Sponsor tick tick tick
Ongoing Telephone and Email Pension Rules Consulting and Support for 401k Plan Sponsor tick tick tick
401k Plan Compliance and Top-Heavy Testing Available Online at a Mouse Click tick tick tick
Secure Online 401k Account Management for Employer and Employees tick tick tick
Self-Directed 401k Brokerage with Commission-Free Stock Trading and No-Load Mutual Funds tick tick tick
Quick & Easy Conversion of a Participant's 401k to an IRA Rollover at Self-Directed Brokerage tick tick tick
Employer can Upload Payroll and Contribution Data and Authorize Purchases 24/7 tick tick tick
Self-Directed Brokerage Education, Assistance and Investment Selection for 401k Participants 24/7 tick tick tick
Complete ERISA 404(C) Fiduciary Protion tick tick tick
Complete ERISA 3(16) Fiduciary Protection tick tick tick
Claim Up to $15,000 in Tax Credits tick tick tick
401k is Eligible for Supplemental 401k Contributions for Persons 55+   tick tick
401k is Eligible for Traditional Safe Harbor 401k   tick tick
401k is Eligible for QACA Safe Harbor 401k   tick tick
401k is Eligible for Hardship Withdrawals   tick tick
401k is Eligible for Full Immediate Vesting of Profit-sharing Contributions   tick tick
401k is Eligible for Roth 401k   tick tick
401k is Eligible for 401k Loans   tick tick
Automatic Payroll Integration     tick
Signature-Ready Forms 1099R and 1096 Preparation and Filing     tick
Signature-Ready Form 5500-SF Preparation and Filing     tick
Signature-Ready Summary Annual Report     tick
401k is Eligible for In-Service Distributions     tick
Options Trading (ERISA Limits Apply)     tick
401k is Eligible for Vesting Profit-Sharing Contributions From 1 to 6 Years     tick
Backdoor Roth 401k (ERISA Limits Apply)     tick

Our iron-clad promise: No hidden 401k fees & no 401k asset-based fees & no 401k commissions, ever!

Our policy is to not accept any rebates or revenue sharing of fees deducted from our clients' plan assets ... period! Investment brokers and advisors earn extra money by pocketing needless 401k "asset-based" fees deducted endlessly.

Hidden & excessive 401k fees are causing severe damage and loss for 401k participants

Please CLICK HERE to learn about 401k providers and affilliated financial advisors deducting hidden fees and commissions from employees'retirement savings.

401k Price Comparisons: Published 401k price is not the total amount of money our competition pockets! The competition skims fees, sometimes hidden, from 401k assets.

Please CLICK HERE to view chart comparing 401k Easy to six 401k providers who deduct fees from participants' accounts.

401k Easy's price is based only on the number for full-time employees on the company's payroll

As you can see above, the 401k Easy annual fee is based solely on the size of the employer, not the plan design options you select for your plan. This flexibility is not industry-standard - particularly regarding investment flexibility.

The 401k Easy set-up fee: A modest one-time charge

One of the great things about 401k Easy is its adaptability. Our IRS-approved prototype 401k plan includes a host of plan design options, which we detail below, and our online administration and participation systems - your Plan Sponsor Gateway and Plan Participant Gateway - contain further customization flexibility.

The U.S. Government reimburses new 401k plans up to $20,000 for set-up and annual fees.
The one-time set-up fee charged at your plan's outset pays for all customization.
In subsequent years if you decide to modify your plan's custom features or investment custodian, changes are easy to initiate and deploy.