All-Inclusive 401(k) Pricing

Three different 401(k) plan configurations, designed to fit the needs of different small employers:

401(k) Easy Value
401(k) Easy Plus
One-time only set-up fee $495/one-time $595/one-time $795/one-time
1 eligible employee $395/yr $495/yr $795/yr
2-4 eligible employees $495/yr $695/yr $1395/yr
5-10 eligible employees $695/yr $895/yr $1695/yr
11-15 eligible employees $795/yr $995/yr $1795/yr
16-20 eligible employees $995/yr $1295/yr $1995/yr
21-25 eligible employees $1195/yr $1595/yr $2395/yr
26-30 eligible employees $1395/yr $1795/yr $2695/yr
31-35 eligible employees $1595/yr $1995/yr $2895/yr
36-40 eligible employees $1795/yr $2195/yr $3095/yr
41-45 eligible employees $1995/yr $2395/yr $3395/yr
46-50 eligible employees $2195/yr $2595/yr $3595/yr
more than 50 eligible employees $2195/yr + $200/yr for each additional 5 eligible employees $2595/yr + $250/yr for each additional 5 eligible employees $3595/yr + $300/yr for each additional 5 eligible employees
  Please Note: 401(k) Easy is sold on a Calendar Year basis only. All first-year clients are charged the one-time only plan set-up fee. The pricing above applies to the first year of service only. Renewal fees may be adjusted because no set-up fee is charged in subsequent years.
Secure online plan management for employer tick tick tick
Secure online account management for participants tick tick tick
Self-directed brokerage with unlimited investments tick tick tick
Unlimited selection of no-load mutual funds tick tick tick
Signature-ready 5500-SF and 1099 filings     tick
Preparation, distribution and filing of IRS Forms 1099R and 1096     tick
Employer sends purchase orders and contribution payments to custodian tick    
Employer authorizes contribution purchases online, anytime day or night   tick tick
Eligible for Roth 401(k) feature   tick tick

Our iron-clad promise: No hidden 401(k) fees & no 401(k) asset-based fees & no 401(k) commissions, ever!

Our Policy Regarding All Asset-Based Fees

Our policy is not to accept any rebates or revenue sharing of fees deducted from our clients' plan assets ... period! Entities that provide 401(k) plans, including mutual funds managers, fund distributors, asset custodians, asset trustees, investment brokers and advisors, and plan administrators and record-keepers. These entities typically earn at least a portion of their compensation from asset-based fees extracted from plan assets; 401(k) Easy is an exception from the norm.

401(k) Easy is an exception to the norm in that we do not earn any compensation, either directly or indirectly, from our clients' 401(k) plan assets. If rebates are offered, we have the rebates returned to the client. Our published prices, available online for all to see, are the only compensation we collect.

Hidden & Excessive 401(k) Fees are Causing Severe Damage and Loss for 401(k) Participants

401(k) Price Comparisons: Published 401(k) Prices Are Not Necessarily What You Pay for a Small 401(k) Plan

Published record-keeping fees for a company with 15 employees and $1 million in assets

  • 401(k) Easy (  $995
  • Ubiquity 401(k) (  $1,100
  • Wellington 401(k) (  $1,350
  • Employee Fiduciary 401(k) (  $1,500
  • Sharebuilder 401(k) (  $1,080

Published record-keeping fees "plus "all-in" hidden and marketing fees for a company with 15 employees and $1 million in assets
401(k) Easy (Standard) : $995 + [No "all-in" hidden and marketing fees -- EVER! = $995 per year complete!
Ubiquity 401(k) : $1,100 + ["All-in" hidden and marketing fees of 0.72% to 1.89% of $1 million] = $8,550 to $20,250 per year
Wellington 401(k) : $1,350 + ["All-in" hidden and marketing fees of 0.72% to 1.89% of $1 million] = $8,550 to $20,250 per year
Employee Fiduciary : $1,500 + ["All-in" hidden and marketing fees of 0.08%] = $2,300 per year
Sharebuilder 401(k) : $1,080 + ["All-in" hidden and marketing fees of 0.65% of $1 million] = $7,580 per year

So it's not rocket science to understand why many plan providers in the 401(k) industry are blowing smoke to make any discussion about hidden or "all in" 401(k) fees confusing and bewildering. There is a great deal of money at stake, and all this smoke clouds the fact that many small employers are unknowingly offering their employees 401(k) plans laden with hidden fees.

All-inclusive pricing based solely on Company size

As you can see above, the 401(k) Easy annual fee is based solely on the size of the employer, not the plan design options you select for your plan. This flexibility is not industry-standard - particularly regarding investment flexibility. Though we do charge a modest per-incident fee per 401(k) loan disbursement, distribution, QDRO, compliance test correction or hardship withdrawal.

The 401k Easy set-up fee: A one-time charge

One of the great things about 401(k) Easy is its adaptability. Our IRS-approved prototype 401(k) plan includes a host of plan design options, which we detail below, and our online administration and participation systems - your Plan Sponsor Gateway and Plan Participant Gateway - contain further customization flexibility.

The one-time set-up fee charged at your plan's outset pays for all customization. The fee is charged only one time at your plan's outset.
If in subsequent years if you decide you want to alter your plan or system design choice, that's no problem.
Our staff can help you understand the plan and system design options open to you, so you can make educated decisions as to which are most desirable for your company and the health of its 401(k) retirement plan.
We code your decisions into the Plan Sponsor Gateway and Plan Participant Gateway that you and your employees will use to interact with your company 401(k) plan, empowering the system to streamline 401(k) management and participation and automate many of its functions. Plan administration via 401(k) Easy takes most small businesses less than 15 minutes a month - while saving them thousands of dollars a year.

The 401k Easy set-up fee is frequently refunded by the government

Under federal regulations, the one-time 401(k) Easy set-up fee may be refundable in the form of a federal tax credit. New 401(k) Easy plans qualify to receive this federally-mandated dollar-for-dollar refund, but there are some restrictions, so please consult your tax advisor before signing up for 401(k) Easy to make sure you qualify.

No trustee fees with 401(k) Easy---ever

401(k) Easy plans are IRS-approved as employer-trusted, which means you never have to hire - and thus never have to pay - any 401(k) trustees.

Trustee fees in other 401(k) plans can add significantly to the true 401k annual cost, for employers and employees alike!
Trustee fees are yet another thing you save with 401(k) Easy.

No hidden fees with 401(k) Easy---ever

401(k) Easy has no hidden fees. As explained above, the only fees we charge are (1) the one-time plan and system setup fee and (2) the annual fee (the one based upon plan size). The only other fees that we would charge are (1) a per incident charge for 401(k) loan disbursements, distributions, QDRO's, compliance testing corrections and hardship withdrawals, (2) a plan amendments fee (for changes to your chosen plan design options), and (3) a plan termination fee (for plans exiting 401(k) Easy).

In the 401(k) arena, expense fee disclosure, whether to plan participants or plan sponsors, has been notoriously confusing and unclear. The impact of these confusing hidden fees on plan participants' retirement accounts can be very significant over time. As example, consider a hypothetical 401(k) investment such as a mutual fund, with deducted expense fees of 1.3 percent versus one with fees of just .3 percent. Applied to an initial 401(k) investment of $5,000, with regular annual investments of $5,000 returning 10 percent, and compounded over 15 years, the difference between the 'low-fee' investment and the 'high-fee' investment adds up to $15,398. That's a significant sum deducted from a participant's retirement savings.

With 401(k) Easy there are never any "hidden fees" or asset-based fees to contend with, so expense disclosure is a breeze for plan sponsors. In fact, 401(k) Easy reports to plan participants directly, in their online account statements, that no hidden or other fees are charged.

Special 401(k) Fee Disclosure Website

401(k) Fee Disclosure Website

We set-up a special website ( to help explain and partially satisfy the 401(k) service provider fee and 401(k) investments fee disclosure requirements under ERISA 408(b)(2).

The information in this special website assists plan participants in both understanding the impact fees have on their 401(k), and making informed investment decisions.

Converting an already-existing retirement plan to 401k Easy

Plan conversions involve administrative work on our part before we can get your new 401k Easy up and running. Rarely is it necessary for us to charge a conversion fee, but if your current plan is extremely complicated, a nominal conversion fee will be described before any work begins.

Your current 401(k) provider may charge plan termination fees, as it likely has some administrative expenses involved with closing down your existing plan. Contact your current plan provider to learn about any plan termination fees.

You can view all the plan design options available with 401k Easy by scanning through our Conversion Plans Order Form. If you have specific questions, contact us or submit a Conversion Plan Order Form and mark "Unsure. Please contact..." as applicable. Submitting an order form is the most expedient way for us to serve you, even if all you want at the moment is answers to conversion-related questions, because the order form collects pertinent information we likely need to answer your questions. Submitting an order form IN NO WAY obligates you to actually placing an order - no money changes hands - but the form does gather the data we need to accurately answer your 401(k)-related questions. Oh, and of course we do NOT share your data with any party.

401k Easy's money back guarantee

401k Easy comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee on everything but the one-time plan and software customization fee (and plan conversion fee, if any). Because the setup fee is non-refundable, we created a fully functioning demo version of our 401(k) system for people to try out before they order their actual 401(k) Easy plan.

The online real-time demo is the real 401(k) Easy. We customized it to service a fictitious company's plan, and then provide access to all (which of course is not the case with an actual plan). Nearly every 401(k) administration feature is activated. The demo system let's prospective clients try self-service online administration and participation on for size before spending any money.

US Department of Labor 401(k) cost comparison worksheet

The US Department of Labor created a worksheet to assist consumers in comparing 401(k) providers. We have filled in information regarding 401(k) Easy. If you would like to fill-in information regarding additional 401(k) products, print the PDF version.

New Plan Fee - Baseline Component $595 $____
New Plan Fee - Per-Participant Component None $____
Conversion Plan Fee (in addition to the above New Plan Fee) None $____
Federal Document Filing Fee None $____
Asset-Based Fees None $____
1 Eligible Employee (plus spouse) $495 $____
2-4 Eligible Employees $695 $____
5-10 Eligible Employees $895 $____
11-15 Eligible Employees $995 $____
16-20 Eligible Employees $1,295 $____
21-25 Eligible Employees $1,595 $____
26-30 Eligible Employees $1,795 $____
31-35 Eligible Employees $1,995 $____
36-40 Eligible Employees $2,195 $____
41-45 Eligible Employees $2,395 $____
46-50 Eligible Employees $2,595 $____
Annual "per participant" fee None $____
Annuity Contract Administration Fee None $____
Daily Valuing and Updating of Account Balances None $____
Distribution Processing Fee $30 $____
Loan Origination Fee $30 $____
Loan Tracking Fee None $____
Participant Statement and/or Balance Inquiry Fee None $____
Payroll Processing Fee None $____
Trust-To-Trust Investment Transfer Fees None $____
Nondiscrimination Testing None $____
IRS Form 5500 Information None $____
Annual Audit Report None $____
Mandatory Plan Amendment Fees None $____
Plan Document Determination Letter Fee None $____
Plan Transfer Fees None $____
Access to Brokerage Window None $____
Back-End Load Mutual Funds Commissions None $____
Front-End Load Mutual Fund Commissions None $____
No-Load (Commission-Free) Mutual Funds None $____
Equity Funds (No-Load) 20 BPS per year $____
Bond Funds (No-Load) 15 BPS per year $____
Specialty Funds (No-Load) 40 BPS per year $____
Average Expense Ratios of No-Load Funds 25 BPS per year $____
12-B1 Fees None $____
Fund Turnover Charges None $____
Rebalancing Fees None $____
Sales Loads and Commissions None $____
Soft Dollars None $____
Sub-Transfer Agent (Sub-TA) Fee None $____
Transaction Fees None $____
Wrap Fees None $____
Annuity Termination Charges None $____