401k Easy - Key Features

What is 401k Easy?

401k Easy is a very powerful yet easy to use online self-service administration and participation center.

Our IRS-approved prototype 401k plan allows for significant plan design flexibility - to include or exclude 401k loans, for instance, and/or employer contributions, automatic participant enrollment, safe harbor administration, and more.
Our IRS-approved prototype plan allows for unprecedented investment flexibility.
Any authorized person with rudimentary computer and Internet skills can use 401k Easy to sponsor and/or participate in a 401k plan.
401k Easy can accommodate 401k plans of any size, from the single-person plan to large company plans.
All access is user-name and password protected; enterprise-level security features and safeguards are standard throughout.
Any person with access to the Internet can access 401k Easy. High-speed Internet access in not necessary. (For you techies out there, the system uses pure html - aka, "thin" content - rather than Java Applets and similar coding that can slow down load times and processing).
Small businesses using 401k Easy typically run their 401k plans in less than 15 minutes a month. That's because 401k Easy is highly automated. We customize your plan administration and plan participation centers - called, respectively, your Plan Sponsor and Plan Participant Gateways - to the plan design features you select for your company plan.
You do NOT need 401k administration or accounting experience to run a 401k plan via 401k Easy. The online software knows 401k rules and regulations. You feed it payroll data, and it does most of the rest for you.
There is content-sensitive help, should you need it, as well as additional support.
One of the ways 401k Easy keeps your plan administration life simple is by helping you circumvent problems. For instance, the system runs IRS compliance tests in seconds at a mouse click, making it easy for you to stay on top of your plan's health. The system even uses prevailing federal regulations to calculate compliance test correction suggestions.
401k Easy is fully operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All functions are live all the time. The system not only allows you to view and submit data at any time from any location connected to the Internet.
Unlike with other "online" 401k systems, data you submit to 401k Easy is processed WITHIN the system, not downloaded by someone at the other end, processed by back-office personnel, then re-uploaded - often days, later.
401k Easy is designed to quickly connect and integrate with virtually all Voice Response Units (Virus), wireless software applications and application service providers (ASPs). Please contact us for details.

Everything is included with 401k Easy---and we mean---Everything

401k Easy includes EVERYTHING you need to provide your company with a great 401k plan using any computer with Internet access and about 15 minutes a month.

401k Easy includes:

An IRS-approved Prototype 401k Plan
Our IRS-approved prototype 401k plan is replete with 401k plan design options that allow you to create the 401k you and your employees will call a true benefit.
Your Own Plan Sponsor Gateway + Plan Participant Gateway
We customize our powerful yet easy-to-use web-based 401k plan administration and participation systems to the plan design and administration choices you make. The customization information works in conjunction with the up-to-date IRS and other governing regulations programmed into the online software to streamline your 401k's operation while keeping you apprised of your plan's health and growing wealth.
Extensive Help Systems
You receive free, professional help with understanding your 401k plan design and management options as well as with running your plan via 401k Easy. Context-sensitive onscreen help plus additional online and printed materials are right at hand. Additional free as well as fee-based support is also available. We even provide free help with preparing federal reporting forms regarding your 401k plan and with meeting required ERISA requirements (which is easy when using 401k Easy, as the system takes care of things for you).
401k Investments---with NO asset-based charges, agent commissions, or hidden-fees.
401k Easy lets you choose both the investment approach (no-load mutual fund families, including no-load institutional mutual fund families, and/or self-directed brokerage accounts) and the specific investment provider(s) for your 401k plan. No other 401k plan offers greater investment flexibility. Visit our Investments pages for specifics, including listings of potential investments.
Plan-Specific 401k Forms and Materials
Our online plan-specific 401k participation and employee education forms and materials explain 401k concepts (401k loans, 401k enrollment, 401k investing, etc.) to your employees while gathering the data needed for you to run your company plan.
IRS Reporting Help
As mentioned above, we help out with the federal reporting regarding your 401k plan. Our 401k FedForms website (www.401kfedforms.com) explains which federal reporting forms are relevant to your particular 401k plan.

Self-service plan administration is both simple and powerful

401k Easy's Plan Sponsor Gateway opens the world of self-service 401k administration to the personnel you authorize. The exact features and capabilities accessible through your gateway depend on the customization options you choose for your company plan and its administration.

Access is user-name and password protected. Only those individuals you authorize can enter your company's Plan Sponsor Gateway.
Functions are separated into two streams: plan configuration functions (click to view details) control overall plan information and operation parameters, while day-to-day plan administration functions (click to view details) power and monitor day-to-day administrative activity.

Visit our demo page to read more about the 401k Easy Plan Sponsor Gateway. You can even try out a demo customized system and tour through typical administrative functions.

Self-service plan participation is both quick and complete

401k Easy's Plan Participant Gateway opens the world of self-service 401k participation and information to your company employees. The exact features and capabilities accessible through the gateway depend on the customization options you choose for your company plan as well as those that the eligible employee chooses for his or her individual 401k account (for example, his or her 401k investment selections). Each employee has his or her own customized Plan Participant Gateway.

401k Easy empowers plan participants to serve themselves to their 401k account activity and information - at any time, day or night, from any location connected to the Internet.

401k Easy self-service plan participation gives eligible employees on-the-spot access to enrolling in the plan, choosing 401k investments, updating personal information and investment designations, viewing/printing activity reports and account statements, and 401k loan, transfer and distribution modeling and/or new submissions, among other things.
Self-service plan participation is extremely convenient for plan participants and can greatly boost plan participation rates.
Self-service plan participation means less work for your in-house plan administrator.

Visit our demo page to read more about the 401k Easy Plan Participant Gateway. You can even try out a demo customized system and tour through typical participation functions, including access to general as well as plan-specific 401k and related investing information.

401k Easy - Security

Technologically Advanced Yet Simple to Use

If you can access the Internet, you can access 401k Easy. Though extremely powerful, 401k Easy is transmitted to end-users primarily in simple HTML content (called "thin" content), which means...

401k Easy can be used via any type of computer platform: PC, Macintosh, Unix, and Kiosk, among others.
"Heavy" elements such as ActiveX controls and JAVA applets that can severely impact performance - bring it almost to a halt on low-bandwidth, dial-up connections - are abandoned in place of quality pure HTML to ensure top-quality performance and reliability.
401k Easy uses simple HTML elements to their full advantage, delivering fully functional, intuitive user front-ends absent of "heavy" conflicts.
The 401k Easy context-sensitive help system, which allows users to get online help immediately regarding wherever they are within the system, is also delivered in pure HTML, and, again, never hampered by "heavy" elements.

Safety and Security for All Online Transactions

401k Easy uses advanced 128-bit SSL encryption for protection of all financial information and transactions over the Internet. Security measures and methods to safeguard information include:

128-Bit Encryption Security - Encryption helps protect private financial information as it travels over the Internet. Communications between the browser on the user's computer and 401k Easy are scrambled with 128 bit encryption security, then de-scrambled upon arriving back into the user's computer web browser.
Confidential Login - Account information is accessible only with a valid login and PIN or password. Users who do not match login and password are locked-out after a number of attempts.
Automatic Log-off - The system terminates the user session if the computer remains inactive for a certain period of time. This log-off feature helps prevent on-lookers from accessing confidential information if the user steps away from the computer.
User Activity Reports & Log - For added security, the system records all successful and unsuccessful sign-ons and keeps a historical log. To help identify potential computer hackers, the system monitors unusual activity or discrepancies in user sign-on, and locks out users who do not match you login and your password after a number of attempts.
The system does not store ANY sensitive data on the Plan Sponsor side; all data resides on the server side - and because all key data and processing are handled by secure objects residing on the server, Plan Sponsor connections never have direct database access and are never provided with the location of databases or sensitive data.